Fifteen years ago, you lost something irreplaceable. You know the man who stole it. You have waited, and waited, and waited - patiently, without complaint - but the time to act has come. You set your plan in motion - pursuing wealth, loyalty, renown - and revenge. But when your plan unravels, and suspicion falls on you, how will you choose to move forward? 

Most importantly, how will you get your revenge?

Siren’s Call is a revenge story, and the narrative follows the player character on their quest to finish what their father started over fifteen years ago; and to take out one of the most respected - and feared - captain of the ages.

There will also be elements of romance, with two possible romance options. This game is rated 18+, due to violence, mature themes, and sexual content. Reader discretion advised.

Content Warning: Death, blood and gore, alcohol use, smoking.

The content warnings are always available on the Warnings menu in the game sidebar.


  • This is a revenge story. The narrative reacts to your choices, and revolves around your relationship with the people around you.
  • Character customization - gender, pronouns, sexuality, appearance, and personality.
  • Romance two of the main characters: your long-time friend and partner, or the interesting redheaded stranger…


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Rome Castillo: Rome is your long-time friend and partner, the two of you working closely together for many years, hopping from crew to crew and being the one constant in the other's lives. Rome is aware of your history and your plans, and is your sole confidant in your quest for revenge.

Appearance: Rome is mixed Chinese Filipino, with brown skin, dark brown shoulder length hair, and dark brown eyes. They tend towards bright, eccentric clothes and patterns, and have a signature yellow jacket they wear regularly. They are average height, and they have a heavy, muscular and athletic build.

Alessa: Alessa is your eyes and ears on the island, a seller of secrets, though she's given you plenty for free over the years. She took you under her wing when you came to the island many years ago, and the two of you have grown close since.

Appearance: Alessa is mixed, white European and Latine. She has warm beige skin, brown eyes, and long, wavy, dark brown hair that she typically wears in a braid. She is slightly taller, and she's plus-sized.

Morgan Greaves: Morgan is a stranger, showing up on the island with something that belongs to you.

Appearance: They are white European, with grey eyes, fair, freckled skin and red hair. Their hair is curly, short and shaggy regardless of gender. Morgan is tall and thin, with noticeably long legs. They have particularly severe features, with high, sharp cheekbones and a strong, sharp jawline.

This section will be updated as more characters are introduced.


This is a demo, and this game is a work in progress. Currently, the prologue and chapter one is available to play here, but it will be updated as more content becomes available. You can send any errors you've run into or any feedback you have to the dev blog.

Thanks for reading.

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